Honey Boo Boo Shocks Internet Users With Her 'Blaccent'

The 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' star, who has been in a relationship with Dralin Carswell, goes viral after she talks in a new accent during her recent TikTok Live.

AceShowbiz - Alana Thompson a.k.a. Honey Boo Boo sent fans into a frenzy after she appeared talking with a new "accent." The "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" star went viral after she talked in a black accent during her recent TikTok Live.

Upon watching the Live, Internet users quickly took to social media to comment on the reality TV star's accent. "Honey boo-boo patting her head in that video was distasteful. She equates that ghetto representing something only black women do in which we do to protect our hairstyle while relieving an itch. It's not something people should view as ghetto," one fan tweeted.

"I'm sorry. I chuckled," one other mocked. Shocked, another user wrote, "Honey boo boo got a blaccent now...." with someone else adding, "why all the white people we liked we were younger turned into a n***a cosplayers."

One person said, "Anyone who grows up in a certain environment/area can talk like this. Granted she's trolling in this video but I've met a lot of people of other races who talk just like this because of where they grew up."

Another comment, meanwhile, read, "She was doing this voice on purpose because people think she fakes her southern accent. But if you really know honey boo boo, she's always had a southern accent. She's basically trolling her trolls."

Honey Boo Boo has been in a relationship with Dralin Carswell, who is black. Back in September 2021, a source tells the U.K. tabloid, "Dralin and Alana are attached at the hip and hang out together all the time."

They were believed to have made their relationship official when Dralin, a college student, changed his status to In a Relationship on Facebook back in March. On the same day, the reality TV star posted a photo of the pair together on her private account. In the comments on the photo, Dralin called her his "bae" and added a heart emoji.

According to the source, the former child beauty pageant contestant's sister Pumpkin, Jessica and Anna also approve of Dralin. "He was quiet at first, but he's like one of the family now. He's just as fun and crazy as the rest of them," the source spilled.

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