Pete Doherty Lived in haunted House Where Ghosts Loved to Party All Night

According to actress Daisy May Cooper, The Libertines musician once told her with 'such sincerity' that he lived in a house full of spirits that used to have parties all night long.

AceShowbiz - Pete Doherty said he lived in a house full of ghosts and used to hear them all having parties. Actress Daisy May Cooper claims The Libertines rocker told her all about when he was a guest on her TV show "Never Mind the Buzzcocks" and she was fascinated by the musician's brush with the supernatural.

"[Pete] told me how he's seen ghosts. He lived in a house where the west wing was full of spirits and he'd hear them having parties at night. Either that or he was off his head on drugs. But he swore to God and I believed him. He said it with such sincerity, I thought I was going to cry," Daisy explained to the Guardian.

She also insisted Pete was her favourite ever guest on the show because of his sharp intellect and wild boozing. Daisy added, "He's so smart and funny. I mean, he's an absolute f***head as well. He was drinking mugs of half port and half brandy. He got so smashed, he ended up dancing on the table, but he's so clever, charming and brilliant. I totally get that because I'm the same. I drink to excess. It's just to stop his mind. He has to numb it, I think."

Daisy was recently rumoured to have landed a plumb new acting job playing spy boss M in the James Bond franchise, but her mum Gillian later dispelled the gossip by insisting the TV star hadn't heard anything about it.

Gillian told Mail Online, "Daisy's everywhere at the moment - I'll scramble through my phone and her picture will come up. She was with me this morning and we saw the story in the news about her playing 'M' in the new Bond movies and she thought it was hilarious ... she's not heard anything. Where that's come from? I've no idea."

"I don't know if someone's put her name forward, but she'd be perfect, and it'd be a really different direction for her and for the Bond films because she'd put back a bit of humour. She'd be a fantastic choice for them if they did it. But it's the first she's heard about it."

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