Dylan Walsh 'Very Proud' After Son Jumps Into Ocean to Save Drowning Driver From Plunging Car

The 'Nip/Tuck' actor's chef son Thomas Walsh is hailed as a real-life hero after he saved a motorist who got caught in a car as it careened into the water at Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

AceShowbiz - Dylan Walsh has spoken up on his son's heroic action. The actor couldn't help feeling "proud" of his son Thomas "Tom" Walsh after the sous chef risked his own life to save a driver from drowning.

A representative for the "Nip/Tuck" alum said the 59-year-old "is very proud" of his son. The rep also told Daily Mail that Tom's heroic act only shows "that's the person he is!"

The feeling was echoed by Baltimore's Phillips Seafood, where Tom has been working as a sous chef. "On behalf of the company and the Phillips family, we are just proud and inspired by Tom's efforts," a spokesperson for Phillips said in a statement on Thursday, March 23.

Tom has been hailed as a real-life hero after he jumped into the water to save a drowning driver, who got stuck in a car as it plunged into the ocean. The heroic rescue was captured on a video, which has since gone viral.

On Wednesday afternoon, March 22, Tom left a meeting with his boss at Phillips Seafood when he came across a group of people freaked out about what they had just seen. At the time, a car had already careened into the water at Baltimore's Inner Harbor with the driver still stuck inside.

As others looked with horror, Tom didn't hesitate to quickly come to the driver's rescue. In the video, he was seen jumping into the water with all of his clothes on and punching the window with his bare fist. He apparently managed to break the window and pulled the driver through the windshield.

Tom, who is an Iraq war veteran, swam with the motorist to the edge of the pier and then hoisted the man into the waiting arms of people on the pier, before he was also helped to safety.

Baltimore City Fire Department confirms they responded to a rescue call shortly after 4 P.M. at the popular tourism area. When they arrived, Tom had already pulled the driver from the car. The 26-year-old chef and the driver were both treated for minor injuries and transported to a nearby hospital.

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