David Dastmalchian Grateful for 20 Years of Sobriety
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The 'Ant-Man' actor reflects on his sobriety journey years after he admitted that he used drugs in high school in an effort to self-medicate his 'undiagnosed depression issues.'

AceShowbiz - David Dastmalchian has been sober for two decades. When reflecting on his journey, the "Ant-Man" actor said he's so grateful that he's gone this far after a five-year heroin addiction.

The 47-year-old star expressed his gratitude when speaking to Page Six. "For nothing else, the endless pool of gratitude that I feel for the past two decades of this journey, living without drugs and alcohol, absolutely informs all the work that I do as an actor and think about the characters I want to bring to life," he said at the New York premiere of his new film, "Boston Strangler".

Back in 2018, David admitted to The Hollywood Reporter that he used drugs in high school in an effort to self-medicate his "undiagnosed depression issues." He then developed a heroin addiction while attending Chicago's DePaul University before living out of his car at his lowest point.

"The Suicide Squad" star eventually exited the unhealthy cycle after spending time at a psychiatric facility and rehab. "Getting the mental health treatment I needed is my greatest accomplishment, and my sobriety of 19 years is a huge part of that," he told NME in 2021.

"But I'm still working at it, you know, there's no victory flags or anything like that," he added. "It's a daily journey, but I will say this: I could sit here with you now, and you could drink two bottles of wine in front of me and I wouldn't feel any desire to join you."

David went on to share, "I have many friends who smoke pot, and it's not difficult for me to be with them socially because I don't have the desire." He then noted, "But if that [lack of desire] changed tomorrow, I know exactly what meeting I need to get to and who I need to contact to make sure I'm gonna be okay."

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