Zendaya Called 'Rude' for Rejecting Nervous Paul Mescal's Help at SAG Awards

Some social media users call out the 'Euphoria' actress for appearing to swerve the 'Normal People' actor's offer of an arm as they made their way up to the stage for a presenting duty.

AceShowbiz - Zendaya Coleman may have seen Spider-Man in action, but she is not used to receiving help from a random gentleman. The two-time Primetime Emmy Award-winning actress appears to reject Paul Mescal's "gentlemanly gesture" at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday night, February 26 and it has caused an online debate.

In footage from the show, Paul offered his arm to Zendaya as they walked up to the stage to co-present the award for best female actor in a television movie or series, which went to Jessica Chastain. The "Euphoria" star appeared to miss it, which started the awkwardness between them.

After noticing it, people took to social media to call out Zendaya for seemingly swerving the "Normal People" actor's offer of an arm. "Paul Mescal trying to help Zendaya up the stairs and she said nah," one Twitter user wrote.

"Paul Mescal is such a gentleman. I know Zendaya didn't mean it in a bad way, but she should have just taken his arm," another reacted. "She's used to this while Paul is so new to everything. You can tell he's sooooo nervous."

A third didn't mince their words as saying, "OMG Zendaya is so rude!!!!! Take Paul's arm when he's offering it to you." A fourth wrote, "Not Zendaya swerving Paul Mescal's hand," as another critic said, "Zendaya is a meanie. TAKE HIS ARM."

Some others, however, have come to Zendaya's defense. "What is wrong with people? It's 2023, not all women require men to help. She can walk on her own. Good on her not taking his hand!" one fan reacted to the backlash.

Another clapped back, "Zendaya doesn't need to be 'saved' by some random dude. She's a superhero - have y'all not watched Spider-Man?" A third fan said, "I didn't see Zendaya suggest she needed help. Bless him, but the assumption that women are automatically damsels in distress is annoying."

But that wasn't the only awkward moment from the duo's presenting duty that night. Once they were up on the stage, Paul giggled to himself, apparently in response to the exchange that occurred on the steps.

Weighing in on the actor's nervous energy, one person said, "i relate to paul mescal cause i too would be nervous to be next to zendaya." Another viewer tweeted, "zendaya got paul mescal nervous and giggling, he's just like me." One other added, "Zendaya best girl got Paul Mescal blushing nervous giggle and s**t. I too would have the same reaction as Paul, fr."

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