Pink 'Disappointed' by People Focusing on Christina Aguilera Feud Instead of Her New Album
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The 'Try' songstress voices her frustrations on Instagram since people focused on her response to supposedly 'shading' her 'Lady Marmalade' collaborator instead of talking about her new music.

AceShowbiz - Pink is "disappointed" by the narrative surrounding her feud with Christina Aguilera. Upon learning that people focused more on their beef instead of her new album, the "Try" songstress took to social media to voice her frustration.

On Saturday, February 25, the 43-year-old shared a selfie of her and her daughter Willow on Instagram. She kicked off the caption by writing, "I'm so saddened and disappointed by the narrative surrounding some of the press I've been doing around my album Trustfall. While some of the responsibility lays with me and my inability to lie, and my uncanny ability to overshare- my real disappointment lies in the fact that the art can never be the focus when you're a woman."

"The fact that I created one of the most beautiful albums with the most beautiful people -sang my a** off, made myself wholly vulnerable - eleven albums in, selling out stadiums, raising good kids, steadily. Employing hundreds of good, hardworking people, the only thing they ask you about over and over is a silly [feud] from your twenties," she continued arguing. "I take responsibility also- I'm out of practice dodging the bulls**t that gets thrown at us hardworking women."

Though she acknowledged that she mostly says "too much," Pink emphasized that she "never lied." She then stressed, "And for every one or two women I've had issue with - there are hundreds that I've complimented and supported and loved on. But we don't talk about that. I wonder when the last time Bradley Cooper or Robert Deniro were asked in interview after interview about any argument they'd ever had. How about Christian Bale? We stick to the art with them, don't we?"

"I'd like to have the same opportunity. I also believe in authentic apology- and owning Your Mistakes.I should say less. Every time. Say less. Something I'm working on. This was a good reminder. My wish is to share the pains and the celebrations of this messy life through music and on stage. And I've accomplished that. Incredibly and consistently," she further noted. "To Christina- you know where we stand. Resolved. Onwards and upwards. And thank you all for listening- and for the 25 years of kick a** love and support. Peace."

Pink brought up Christina when ranking her old music videos in an interview with Buzzfeed U.K. When she came across pictures of the "Lady Marmalade" video, her collaboration with Christina, Mya and Lil' Kim, she said, "It wasn't very fun to make."

"I'm all about fun, and it was a lot of fuss. And there were someā€¦ personalities," the mother of two added. Making sure she wasn't being too subtle, she added, "Kim and Mya were nice."

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