Hoda Kotb Struggled During Early Motherhood, Used to Feel Unworthy of Her Kids

The 'Today' anchor dishes on the challenges she was facing early on after adopting her daughters, admitting she needed time to convince herself she's 'worthy' of them.

AceShowbiz - Hoda Kotb felt unworthy of motherhood in the past. While admitting that she now feels "blessed beyond measure," the 58-year-old star - who has adopted daughters Haley Joy, six, and three-year-old Hope - initially wondered how she ever got to the mothering stage of her life in the first place.

"[My daughters] are the shining stars of my life. I am blessed beyond measure for me. Sometimes I wonder like, 'How did this happened? How did I get this?' I used to feel almost undeserving of it. But I don't anymore. Sometimes I wonder like, 'How did this happen? How did I get this?' I used to feel almost undeserving of it. But I don't anymore," she told E! News.

The "Today" host - who split from her fiance Joel Schiffman in January 2022 but continues to raise her daughters with him - went on to explain that she eventually accepted that she is "enough" and vowed to "nurture and love" the children as long as she is alive.

She added, "Something happened within me where I was like, 'You know what, I'm worthy of these children, I'm worthy of myself. I'm enough just as I am.' I will nurture and love these little girls, as long as God lets me have them for as long as I'll be here."

"Let me find the joy, the love and the lessons, let me see those things and not miss them. So I feel like each day I get that. So I'm grateful for today. And tomorrow, I'm going to be grateful for tomorrow. I'm not looking down the road, I'm just going to be like, I get to do this. That's enough for me."

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