Pamela Anderson's Son Praises His Mom for Serving as 'Voice' for Others With Netflix Documentary
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Brandon Thomas Lee, whom the 'Baywatch' alum shares with her ex-husband Tommy Lee, describes his mother as an 'incredibly intelligent woman' following the release of 'Pamela, A Love Story'.

AceShowbiz - Brandon Thomas Lee thinks his mother Pamela Anderson is an "incredibly intelligent woman." The 26-year-old actor is the son of the former "Baywatch" star and her ex-husband Tommy Lee and described her as a "superstar" who serves as a "voice" for others following the release of her tell-all Netflix documentary "Pamela, A Love Story".

He said, "I would say she is a protector, a voice for people and things that don't have a voice. I think people don't really have that kind of feeling anymore, and I think that's something special. There's really nothing she can't do, so I think that, to me, she's just a superstar."

Last year, Pamela's life was the subject of Hulu series "Pam & Tommy", which starred Lily James and Sebastian Stan, but Brandon admitted that he had "no idea" if his mother had actually watched the drama series which focused on the unwarranted release of her sex tape in the 1990s.

He said, "I don't know, actually. I have no idea!"

Meanwhile, Pamela, who also has 25-year-old son Dylan with the Motley Crue drummer, revealed in the joint interview that she has "fallen in love" with her garden as of late and has been enjoying trying to make a "beautiful home."

She told E! News, "Right now, I'm really into my vegetable garden, making jam. I'm really good at making pickles, mustard, pierogies, vegan cooking. I'm always creating and doing stuff, and I just have fallen in love with my garden lately, too. It's a miracle. It's amazing. I planted everything and everything has grown just wild, so I'm really in love with all that. Just trying to make a beautiful home."

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