Beyonce Fans React to Her Alleged Imminent Tour Announcement

Social media users can't hide their excitement at reports that the 'Crazy in Love' singer will officially announce her world tour on February 1, while some details have leaked online.

AceShowbiz - Beyhive has been hyped up ahead of alleged imminent tour announcement. Social media users have been sent into a frenzy after it's reported that Beyonce Knowles will officially announce her "Renaissance" tour dates on Wednesday, February 1.

It was iHeartRadio Canada which broke the news on Tuesday, in addition to spilling some details from the upcoming world tour. According to the report, the tour will kick off in July and includes a July 8 show at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada.

Fans soon took to Twitter to share their reactions to the news, as some of them are still pondering on where they will get the money to buy the tickets. "Idk Beyonce announcing her tour and tickets being sold on the same day that rent is sue doesn't sit right with my soul... ….ima still get them though," one devoted fan said.

Another shared a similar concern, "Beyonce is about to announce her tour and my bank account is about to be scared..." A third added, "me acting like imma have enough coin for the renaissance tour after seeing beyonce in dubai singing drunk in love."

"Beyonce announcing her tour tomorrow and my tax refund won't be here for another 2 weeks please," a fourth fan tweeted. Someone else shared a similar hope as saying, "Let me go see if H&R giving their tax returns early."

One other is sadly ready to give up the chance to watch Beyonce's concert as they can't afford it. "No new stimulus means she'll get my support via thoughts and prayer," the supportive fan wrote.

Beyonce's father Matthew Knowles recently teased about her upcoming tour in support of her latest album "Renaissance" when defending her against backlash over her Dubai show. He said, "She'll announce it when she's ready."

As for the controversial concert in the United Arab Emirates, Matthew told TMZ on January 24 that the "Lemonade" singer's show"united a really diverse crowd" and brought people together. The 71-year-old insisted that his daughter has "always stood for inclusiveness" and would never do anything to "deliberately hurt someone."

Meanwhile, Terrence J has claimed that Bey was paid a staggering $45 million for the Dubai show, much more than it was said in previous reports. "The number was reflective of not just the payment to her but it was a whole production around it," he explained.

When T.I. mentioned the price point being $24 million, the actor responded, "I don't even think that was the number. I think the number was actually more. I think like the bigger number was more around $45 million. It's the biggest launch. They wanted to outdo the original Atlantis launch which was the biggest one at the time."

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