Lil Baby and Lil Durk Despise Gunna Amid Snitching Allegations

Lil Baby unfollows Wunna on Instagram, while Durkio seemingly shades the 'Pushin P' emcee on a new song after he took a plea deal in the YSL RICO case as Young Thug remains incarcerated.

AceShowbiz - More fellow hip-hop stars distance themselves from Gunna amid allegations that he snitched to secure his release from prison. Lil Baby and Lil Durk seem to despise Wunna after he took a plea deal in the YSL RICO case, despite his voice of support for Young Thug who remains incarcerated.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Lil Baby has stopped following Gunna on Instagram. It's interesting since the two used to collaborate on "Drip Too Hard".

Meanwhile, Lil Durk appears to throw shade at Gunna on his new song, which he has just teased online. In the snippet, Durkio raps, "What happened to Virgil? He probably gon' tell/ I let him go because Timo ain't selling/ Thank 7 and Booka I'm bragging on Melvin/ When lil boo and them mad it ain't nothing you can tell them/ I can tell you what I did for the streets/ you got the paperwork, did it and reached/ I got on Clubhouse and got in the beef."

Many fans believe Lil Durk was referencing his Gunna-assisted 2022 song "What Happened to Virgil" on the song, which is why they assumed that it's a diss at the YSL artist.

Social media users had mixed response to the apparent fallout between Gunna and his two former collaborators. "Drip too hard is a classic. RIP to the lil baby & gunna duo. Another duo split too soon smh," one reacted on Twitter. Another commented on Lil Durk's diss song, "Gunna got 24 hours to respond."

Some others defended Gunna, with one saying, "The industry can try to switch up & blackball Gunna. He makes better music than most of them. It's all good at the end of the day." Another added, "Real talk Gunna finna be fine. Iono not a single yt that gaf that he took this plea deal. Actually makes him a lil more relatable. If baby finna do all this weird internet p***y s**t he might as well hop in the f**king stu."

Previously, Young Thug's sister HiDoraah unfollowed the "Turks" hitmaker on social media as a trial in the RICO case has begun. Lil Gotit, who is Lil Keed's brother, has also unfollowed Gunna after the latter spoke about the late rapper on his tweet.

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