Gwyneth Paltrow Jokes Young Children Bring Disaster to Relationship

While having a chat with mother-of-one Katy Perry on Goop podcast, the 'Shakespeare in Love' actress admits having young kids is 'really hard' on a relationship.

AceShowbiz - Gwyneth Paltrow joked that having young children "ruins" a relationship. The 50-year-old actress shares Apple, 18, and son Moses, 16, with ex-husband Chris Martin while she's also a step mom to husband Brad Falchuk's teenagers, Isabella, 18, and Brody, 16, and she admitted that as soon as children are involved, relationships are never the same again.

"It's hard on a relationship. Like I've looked back now on like the data set of parents with young kids and it just … ruins the relationship," she said when speaking to Katy Perry in a wide-ranging chat on her "Goop" podcast. "It's really hard!" she laughed.

38-year-old pop star Katy - who has two-year-old daughter Daisy Dove with fiance Orlando Bloom - agreed but said it's down to both people in the relationship to pull their weight. She explained, "I think if both people in the relationship are willing to do the work then it's going to be so much easier. But if one person thinks they don't have any work to do then it's going to be really challenging."

The "Sliding Doors" actress went on to admit that before having her first child, daughter Apple, in 2004, she had felt "profoundly lonely." She spilled, "I never felt lonely again after I had her [Apple] … and I had felt profoundly lonely in my life."

Gwyneth recently insisted she doesn't want any "bad blood" with any of her exes. The Hollywood star hit headlines back in 2014 when she described her split from husband Chris as an "conscious uncoupling" - and she's now adamant she really does believe in the term because she wants to stay on good terms with all of her former partners.

During a question and answer session with fans on Instagram, she explained, "I really believe in conscious uncoupling. When you spend meaningful time with someone, it's nice to have it morph into friendship. I don't want to have bad blood with anyone, ever (if I can help it)."

Gwyneth's ex partners also include Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck.

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