Fredo Bang's BM Princess Annie Clears Up Confusion on Her and Wife Sevyn's Children

Princess offers her clarification through an Instagram comment after an online user accuses her and her wife Sevyn Buffins of faking the story about their children for some money.

AceShowbiz - Fredo Bang's baby mama has set the record straight. Princess Annie took to social media to clear up confusion about her and her wife Sevyn Buffins' children after rumors swirled that the emcee got both of them pregnant.

Princess offered her clarification after an online user wrote in an Instagram comment, "Yall Really Wild No Kizzy So Much With The LGBT! Sh*t And Yall On Hea Faking For Some Money." The person added, "Not Kool Yall Knew Yall Had Relations With That Man This Why We Dont Get The Respect We Deserve Now."

In response, Princess explained that the first child was conceived naturally, while the second one was thorugh IUI. "so lemme get this straight .. you think Fredo & Sevyn made Parker? we did do IUI. We never lied," she said. "We just Never said how Payton came about. Kept that to myself until I was ready. Now I'm wrong for doing what was best for me lmao gah damn."

Fredo made headlines on Monday, January 9 after announcing that he's now a "daddy." Taking to Instagram, he shared two photos of himself cradling a baby wrapped in a green blanket as he sat in front of a Christmas tree. The musician also added a picture of him posing with the tot and the toddler.

Many have since left congratulatory comments in Fredo's post. One in particular was New Yor-born drill rapper CJ, who exclaimed, "CONGRATS MY DAWG WELCOME 2 FATHERHOOD." Civil rights activist Gary Chambers Jr. raved, "Congrats and blessings on their life."

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