Candace Owens Dubs Meghan Markle 'Dangerous,' Believes Prince Harry 'Has Gone Mad'
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The controversial political commentator weighs in on the Duke of Sussex's memoir 'Spare', criticizing the Duchess of Sussex for 'putting pregnancy tests next to locks of Princess Diana's hair.'

AceShowbiz - Candace Owens is entering the chat. The controversial political commentator weighs in on Prince Harry's upcoming memoir "Spare", in which the Duke of Sussex makes some bombshell remarks amid tension between him and the British royal family.

On Sunday, January 8, Candace wrote on her Twitter account, "Meghan putting pregnancy tests next to locks of Princess Diana's hair, plus asking for private moments at Diana's gravesite to speak to her are not things to laugh at." Instead, Candace called Meghan's behavior "terrifyingly psychopatic and manipulative actions."

She went on to conclude, "Meghan is dangerous," before noting through the hashtag that the Duke of Sussex "has gone mad." Candace was referring to Harry's claim in the book that he and brother Prince William each have a lock of their mother's hair, which was cut from her head by her sister Sarah shortly after she died.

Upon catching wind of the tweet, fans criticized Candace for coming for Meghan. "I wish she'd go away… always in black folks business," one fan commented on Instagram. "Why is Candace involving herself in black peoples business?" another fan added.

"Can we stop giving Candace Owens a platform? Yes I know your job is to get as many comments and likes per posts, but seriously majority of the time she spews nonsense," one person said. Further slamming Candace, one person wrote, "She hate her own ppl so much she don't know Meghan was doing something spiritual like laying a gift on a alter. Stop demonizing our spiritual practices!!!"

However, some others appeared to agree with Cameron. "If my partner was ever that obsessed with my death parent I'd be a little weirded out," one comment read. "I thought I was the only one didn't side with Meagan her antics," someone echoed the sentiments.

There were also people who defended Meghan. "So it's weird that she put a pregnancy test next to Diana's locks of hair, but not weird that Harry was in possession of Diana's locks of hair? Y'all gotta pick a struggle," a person noted. One user noted, "Meghan is IN danger not dangerous."

Some users also noted that nothing was weird about what Harry and Meghan did. "imma always pay my respect/ask for guidance from my ancestors so I'm not seeing the problem?" one said. A comment also read, "So paying respect to the man you loves mom is crazy?? That's her mother in law!! Go raise ya kids damn."

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