Benzino Calls Out DJ Khaled and Kevin Hart for Treating Him Like Stranger Despite His Help
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Making use of his Twitter account, the rapper also puts podcast hosts on blast as he calls them 'arrogant and egotistical' in addition to accusing them of clout chasing.

AceShowbiz - Benzino is getting something off his chest. Making use of his Twitter account, the hip-hop icon opens up about how people, whom he helped in the past, choose to distance themselves from him when he faces issues.

On Thursday, December 29, Benzino called out fellow celebrities such as Kevin Hart and DJ Khaled. "It's funny how I gave Kevin Hart, Dj Khaled, all the guys love," he tweeted.

In a follow-up post, he continued, "It's funny how when I owned the Source & EP'd the Source Awards I gave a lot these guys who are successful a major platform & some even a bag, but when I fell, they all act like they don't know me. I just smile how they big 'celebrities' now, back then needed my platform & helped them."

In one other post, Benzino accused DJ Khaled, Kevin and Funkmaster Flex of using him to get their career launched. "I remember Dj Khalid dying to dj the Source Awards & to be in the magazine & I made it happen, or Kevin Hart wanting to host & I made it happen," he fumed. "Funk master Flex another 1, I let him Dj, Now these n***as act like I'm a stranger, people don't gaf, they use u with no reciprocation."

Benzino went on to claim that "there so many more," adding, "in all my years I've never seen so many fake, phony, selfish mfs in my life." He continued, "They don't look out for the ones who helped them get to where they are. I'm not mad I'm just making a point that's all. I've financially helped many, many people so my spirit is good."

In other tweets, Benzino criticized podcast hosts as they called them "arrogant & egotistical." He penned, "It don't take a rocket scientist to do 1, these guys really be feeling themselves. Ain't that serious. Humbly speaking none of them accomplished more than me when it comes to the culture. I need to start a podcast."

"A lot of podcasters know nothing about the culture, they make it all about them & could care less about the culture or their guests," Benzino went on saying. "They clout chase but in a different way. All of them talk about the same s**t. They don't even let the guest talk."

After Benzino's tweets were reposted on The Shade Room, Instagram users showed agreement with him. "Hear me out!! He actually said some factual things," one said. "He's right but y'all too young to remember the source awards and magazine.. that was our TSR back in the day," another fan commented.

"He is absolutely right! Benzino opened a lot of doors and gave our culture our own urban magazine & award show explicitly! Y'all are too young to know the impact Benzino made for hiphop & the entertainment industry period," one other added, with someone else writing, "Don't act like the Source magazine & awards didn't impact the culture in a major way!"

"y'all STAY Disrespecting Zino, but he definitely helped contribute to the Culture," one person wrote. A fan, meanwhile, was all down for "THE SOURCE PODCAST !!!"

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