Ty Dolla $ign Unleashes Clip From Recent Skating Accident, Vows to Wear Helmet Next Time

The 'Speed Me Up' rapper first revealed he was hospitalized on November 26 by sharing a photo of him in the hospital bed with medical wires hooked to his bare chest.

AceShowbiz - Ty Dolla $ign has learned his lesson. When sharing a video from his recent skating accident on Instagram, the "Sucker for Pain" spitter vowed to wear a helmet next time.

In the said clip, which was posted on Friday, December 23, the emcee could be seen launching himself onto a skateboard ramp. Unfortunately, he fell on his back and hit his head. Two men then came for help.

The video later cuts to footage of him in the hospital before transitioning to a black screen with a message that read, "5 hours later." A clip of Ty hitting the stage with Mario then shows up.

The two musicians then had a conversation backstage, with the Baltimore singer saying, "I'm just glad you good! We need you mobile, but people like me need people like you, bro." He continued, "Who understand music bro, who understand the culture. Aight, for instance, I never went in the studio with somebody and was pressured to write like I was pressured to write with you. I ain't never felt that pressure before. But it was good for me."

Ty captioned the post, "Just watching this s**t gave me a headache again. happy holidays everyone and keep pushing your friends to the next level . Never give up." He further noted, "I'll be back at the park once the doctor says I'm good and I'll where a helmet next time I promise . I know I know even Tony where's a helmet."

Ty revealed he was hospitalized on November 26. At that time, he shared a photo of him in the hospital bed with medical wires hooked to his bare chest. He did not write anything in the caption but sent out open hands and fingers-crossed emojis.

Around two hours later, Ty divulged that he was finally sent home. "They just let me out. Had a skating accident and was knocked out for a few but I'm back praise God," he wrote. "Thanks to everyone that prayed for me and showed love. I love you more."

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