Lil Keed's Mother Shuts Down 'Lies' About Rapper's Cause of Death

Michelle Woods takes to her Instagram account to inform fans that the family has finally received the official cause of death of her son, seven months after the rapper's sudden passing at age 24.

AceShowbiz - Lil Keed's mother is putting to rest speculation about her son's cause of death. Tired of the "false information" and "lies" spread on the Internet about what led to the rapper's passing, Michelle Woods has taken to social media to reveal her son's official cause of death.

"7 months after learning about the passing of my son, I've received his official cause of death from the doctors," the grieving mom posted on Instagram on Tuesday, December 13 along with a picture of her and her late son. "In grieving my son's death, myself and the rest of the family were caused a lot of pain by the lies and rumors spread on the blogs and the internet with false information about Raqhid's passing."

She went on passing the news she received from doctors, "Today, we've confirmed that Raqhid died from natural causes with no drugs or alcohol found in his system." She added, "I'm still grieving and I'm still mourning from what our family has had to go through the last 7 months and I refuse to let the lies go any further. I'm glad that the truth is finally out and I ask that everyone please be respectful of his family and his legacy. Long Live Keed."

Lil Keed died suddenly on May 14 at the age of 24. It was reported that he experienced severe stomach pain in the days leading up to his passing. The pain became so severe that he was taken to the hospital, but his liver and kidneys reportedly began to fail.

The YSL artist was laid to rest in Atlanta on May 25. In photos and videos that were taken from the funeral, the rap star, whose real name was Raqhid Jevon Render, was laid inside a golden casket which was being carried down a red carpet by pallbearers with horn instruments booming outdoors. Family and friends wore white outfits for the funeral.

The somber ceremony was then followed up with a lit bash thrown in celebration of his life. In some videos, the guests, who were still wearing white outfits, some of which featured Lil Keed's images, were seen throwing some cash and dancing together. His baby mama Quana Bandz was seen in attendance.

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