Johnny Depp Reprises 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Role for Make-A-Wish Video
YouTube/Kraken The Box

The 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' star transforms into Captain Jack Sparrow to send a message to his superfan to support the 11-year-old boy's YouTube channel.

AceShowbiz - Johnny Depp may not be hired to return for a new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie, but that doesn't stop him from reprising his iconic role for a good cause. The actor returns as Captain Jack Sparrow for a video made in collaboration with Make-A-Wish.

In the video uploaded on the YouTube channel "Kraken The Box", the 59-year-old dresses as the eccentric pirate complete with headscarf, long wig and accessories, while sending a message to a young fan, Kori, who operates the channel. "So, Capt. Kori, terribly sorry I missed out on this. Meant to say it, forgot to say it, didn't say it, gonna say it now. Saying it, I'll say it," he says. "I hear tell of something they speak about in the ages of now called the YouTube channel, which I don't understand, but why not?"

The Academy Award-nominated actor says he "shall be glad to follow your YouTube channel and I shall tell all my friends to follow your Youtube channel." He adds of the video-sharing platform, "I think will make for a wonderful entertainment expertise momentary lapse of togetherness altogether in one space, but far apart, but then, at the same time, very close. Curious, enduring and strange."

"I wish you the best of luck. I am your No. 1 fan, Capt. Kori," Johnny concludes his message as he blows a kiss to the camera.

Kori is an 11-year-old superfan of Jack Sparrow. His YouTube account has gained 184,000 subscribers since it was created on November 28, largely featuring pirate-themed video.

A source close to Johnny says the actor made the video after Make-A-Wish contacted him with "a timely ask" about surprising Kori as the boy is in palliative care after undergoing multiple heart surgeries. Kori frequently watched the "Pirates" movies "during his multiple heart surgeries and subsequent recovery periods," the source says.

In a follow-up video, Kori shared footage of his FaceTime call with Johnny, who is still in his Jack Sparrow character. "Hello Kori, how are you?" the actor asks, prompting the young boy to gush that he's doing "really, really good."

The Hollywood Vampires guitarist goes on to compliment Kori on the "wonderful chapeau" he's wearing during the call, which happens to be a brown tri-fold hat similar to the one adorned by Jack Sparrow, before suggesting to "knight" the tween as a pirate. Johnny notes, "I thought it only right."

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