PnB Rock's GF Stephanie Sibonheuang Debuts New Tattoo Honoring Late Rapper Ahead of His Birthday

Making use of her social media platform, the baby mama of the late Philadelphia rapper showcases her new body ink that features his name, Rakim, on her neck.

AceShowbiz - PnB Rock's girlfriend is telling the world that she will always remember the late rapper. Taking to her social media account, Stephanie Sibonheuang debuted a new tattoo honoring the Philadelphia hip-hop artist, born Rakim Hasheem Allen, ahead of what would've been his 31st birthday.

On Wednesday, December 8, Stephanie uploaded a video of her showcasing the new body art on her neck. The black ink features his name, Rakim, written in cursive font. She uploaded the footage one day before the day he would have turned 31 years old.

Shortly after the footage was reposted by The Shade Room, social media users were quick to send warm messages to Stephanie. "she's so beautiful [red heart emoji] i hope she's healing," one person commented, with another saying, "it's too cute! i hope she healing & do better by the days."

"Never forget yall bashed this woman while she was literally having the worst day of her life. Rip PNB," someone else chimed in, referring to moments when Stephanie was blamed for posting geo-tagged Instagram Story hours before PnB Rock was fatally shot. A separate user added, "So many ppl owe this girl an apology. I really hope she's doing ok."

"I get so sad when I see anything involving her because I know it has to be a different type of pain and grief to witness your boyfriend get murdered in front of you and then the whole world blames you for it," someone remarked. A different person said, "Poor girl I could only imagine what she went through."

PnB Rock was shot to death during a robbery at the Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles restaurant on September 12. Stephanie initially came under fire after it was revealed she posted a photo of their location and people speculated the image was what led to the rapper's killing. Police even investigated whether or not the photo played a role in the murder.

However, it turned out that her post had nothing to do with the shooting. As for now, three suspects, Freddie Lee Trone, his partner Shauntel Trone and their 17-year-old son, are in police custody. Freddie and his minor son were each charged with murder, conspiracy to commit robbery and second-degree robbery. Shauntel, in the meantime, was charged with accessory.

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