Jesse James Seeks to Kick Pregnant Wife Out of Their House in Response to Her 2nd Divorce Petition

The West Coast Choppers founder asks the judge to block his estranged wife Bonnie Rotten from entering the Texas house they used to share while the divorce proceedings are ongoing.

AceShowbiz - Jesse James is seemingly bitter after his wife Bonnie Rotten decided to call an end on their marriage. The motorcycle enthusiast seeks to kick out her estranged wife of his house in response to her second divorce petition.

According to TMZ, Jesse has filed his response to Bonnie's divorce petition, asking the judge permission to stay in his Austin, TX home and prevent his pregnant wife from entering the house they used to share, at least while the divorce proceedings are ongoing. In the docs, the television personality is also seeking the exclusive use and possession of any cars and motor vehicles that he owns.

Bonnie first filed for divorce from Jesse on December 1, a day after accusing him of cheating on her while she's pregnant with their child. "Jesse is busy trying to f**k other women while I'm pregnant," she posted on Instagram in late November along with a sonogram photo.

Claiming that she was "hurt," she added, "I'm 10 weeks pregnant I had to leave the house because we got into it the other night. He blocked me on everything. I see his page. He's following his ex and a bunch of girls. I'm his pregnant wife and chooses to act like this. THAT'S NOT A MAN."

After Jesse denied the cheating allegations, Bonnie confirmed in her IG post on Monday, December 5 that she did file for divorce, but said, "the next day I filed a non suit to stop the divorce." She explained, "I love Jesse so much and was very hurt by what I saw when I went through his phone," but she went "back home" to James because she had not discovered any text messages mentioning sex.

"That's why I am here working out the marriage that I believe in," the former porn star, whose real name is Alaina Hicks, added. "Thankfully everything is back to status quo over here."

However, just one day after releasing the statement, Bonnie filed for divorce again. She has not addressed her decision to file for divorce for the second time.

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