LeBron James Reacts to Brittney Griner's Release: 'It's a Great Day'

After the 32-year-old WNBA star was sent back to the U.S. after months in Russian prison, the Los Angeles Lakers star shares his reaction in an episode of his show 'The Shop'.

AceShowbiz - LeBron James was among those who were vocal about bringing Brittney Griner home after she was put behind bars in Russia. After the WNBA star was released, the Los Angeles Lakers star shared his reaction in an episode of his show "The Shop".

During a special Thursday Night Football edition of the show, LeBron showed excitement about Brittney's release. "I think it's a great day for us as Americans having BG back," he said. "In the sports world, just having her presence back. Her wife misses her. Her family misses her. Club misses her here in Phoenix."

He continued, "To have her a part of the basketball brother and sisterhood once again, it's a big day for us and what we do. Kudos to the president. Kudos to Kamala Harris and everyone who had something to do with it." He added, "Like Mav said, there's a lot of people that's wrongfully detained right now. We hope we can get them all back."

Spending nearly ten months in Russian prison after being caught for carrying hashish oil in her luggage to a Moscow airport, Brittney was released on Thursday, December 8 in a prisoner swap. The person sent back to Russia is notorious arms dealer Viktor Bout a.k.a. "The Merchant of Death".

Brittney finally arrived in the U.S. on early Friday morning. The 32-year-old was seen getting off a private jet in San Antonio at around 5:40 A.M. ET. In a photo and video of her arrival, she appeared to be wearing the same outfit she donned when leaving Russia.

After Brittney's arrival, White House National Security Council Communications Coordinator John Kirby told TODAY of her current condition, "She was in very, very good spirits when she got off the plane and appeared to be, obviously, in good health." She is expected to undergo a myriad of testing at a local medical facility in Texas to make sure she's okay, before she eventually returns to her home in Phoenix.

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