Van Jones Dragged After Apologizing to Jewish People for Black Community's 'Silence'
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The CNN tearmonger-in-chief gets pushback online for apologizing on behalf of his 'community' for remaining silent amid Kanye West's anti-Semitic scandal.

AceShowbiz - Van Jones is trending on Twitter for his remarks at the UJA-Federation of New York Wall Street Dinner. At the Tuesday, December 6 event, the news and political commentator, who is black, issued an apology to Jewish community on behalf of his community for remaining silent amid Kanye West's anti-Semitic scandal.

According to a new report, the CNN tearmonger-in-chief issued "an apology for the silence of my community" and allowing "an African American icon praising Hitler and Nazis, and we act like we don't know where that hatred came from." He went on to note, "the silence is over."

A video from the event also saw Jones calling for an union between the black and Jewish people. "The reason this country is a democracy at all is because Black and Jewish people have loved each other, and helped each other, and supported each other, and stood up for each other," he told the audience.

Another report read, "CNN host Van Jones, the keynote speaker, opened his speech with 'an apology for the silence of my community' regarding discrimination against Jews. Jones, who is Black, invoked his Jewish godmother in calling for a renewal of the Black-Jewish civil rights alliance and condemned Kanye West, now known as Ye, for his stream of antisemitic remarks."

Jones' remarks sparked chatter on the Internet as it had mixed responses from Internet users. Some of them thought it was wrong for Jones to include the whole community when it was the "Donda" artist who made the chaos. "why when one of us do something, it reflects on ALL of us but if one of them do, it's an 'isolated situation'? apologize on behalf of Ye, leave us out of it," one person wrote in an Instagram comment.

"Jewish people don't even like black people…why would we speak up ?" someone else added. "When do Jews speak up for us? No disrespect, what was said during BLM?" another user echoed the sentiment. Another comment read, "Don't speak for me! Where was this energy when he disrespected GEORGE FLOYDS FAMILY?! Or when everyone overlooks slavery & expects us to get over it?!"

Another person added, "Why the F is he apologizing for what someone else did? And who appointed him as some black leader or representative?" Someone on Twitter, meanwhile, wrote, "This is disgusting self aggrandizement. Van Jones doesn't speak for Black people but chooses to throw the entirety of Black America under the bus to get claps. Yuck."

Jones has yet to comment on the backlash.

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