XScape Members Confront LaTocha Scott About Claims Her Husband Gets Kickback From Promoter

In a new episode of 'SWV and XSCAPE: The Queens of RnB', Kandi Burruss, Tamika Scott and Tiny are confronting LaTocha over claims that Rocky has been getting kickback from a promoter behind their backs.

AceShowbiz - LaTocha Scott was put on the hot seat in a new episode of "SWV & XSCAPE: The Queens of R&B" season 1. In the Sunday, April 2 episode of the Bravo docu-series, Kandi Burruss, Tamika Scott and Tameka Cottle (Tiny Harris) could be seen confronting LaTocha over claims that her husband Rocky has been getting kickback from a promoter behind their backs.

"One of the promoters that we worked with a lot dropped a bomb on us with receipt. And you know I love a receipt," Kandi said. Tamika then told LaTocha that her husband "has been dealing with a promoter and he's been getting a kickback."

When LaTocha denied the claims, the other members pulled up some receipts in the form of screenshots of the alleged text exchanges between Rocky and the promoter as well as the payment proofs. In one of the texts, Rocky wrote to the promoter, "I explained to my wife that you were my guy. … So can you shoot me 20 … I just showed her you already sent me 10k."

The conversation further suggested that LaTocha is not only aware of her husband's doing, but is also working together with her husband. Rocky wrote, "I'm with you that's why I'm showing her that you got me because she is the one who is gonna make all them listen."

Kandi explained in confessional, "Basically, Rocky was working with a promoter for LaTocha to get us on board to agree to do that promoter's shows. An in turn, he was giving Rocky a kickback or an extra fee on top of whatever he was paying us."

Despite the receipts, LaTocha insisted on her innocence. "This makes no sense whatsoever," she said. She later asked Kandi, "So basically are you saying that I've done it?" When Kandi fired back, "That's your husband!" LaTocha replied, "Yeah, but I haven't done that."

The ladies then pointed out that Rocky said that he was speaking with her about the matter, so it's impossible for her to not know. The episode ended with LaTocha calling someone, probably her husband.

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