This Is Why Kandi Burruss Attempts to Block Planned Xscape TV Movie

All three other members allegedly have signed on the VH1 project, which is set to be chronicling the girl group's life.

AceShowbiz - VH1 is reportedly developing a TV movie about Xscape. It's said that the network has been trying hard to acquire the rights to the story of the female R&B vocal quartet in order to produce a TV movie chronicling the girl group's life.

While fans of group that is made of Kandi Burruss, Tameka Cottle a.k.a. Tiny, Tamika Scott and LaTocha Scott, are most likely excited with the plan, one particular person is allegedly less than thrilled with the project.

That one person, according to MTO News, is none other than Kandi. "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star is said to be attempting to block the planned TV movie because she "doesn't want all her past exposed." Kandi is the only group member who hasn't signed on to the TV movie as the other three girls are all down with the project.

"Kandi is playing hardball on business," a source close to the "Feels So Good" singers tells the publication. "I don't think it's about money, it's about Kandi not wanting some of her past out there."

What past exactly that the reality TV star wants to keep from others so bad? According to the site, it's about rumors of her sleeping with the group's manager Jermaine Dupri that later led to the group's disbandment.

Additionally, Tamika also accused Kandi of sleeping with Jermaine's father in an interview back in 2007. Kandi was rumored to be "sexually active" during the peak of the group's popularity.

It seems like Kandi's attempt doesn't really work. VH1 allegedly stands by its decision and is confident they can produce the TV movie. Rumor has it, the network has already been recruiting staff for the production. At this point, it seems like the project is going to move forward.

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