Antonio Brown Labeled 'Backstabber' for Posting Text Tom Brady Sent Him After His 'Erratic' Behavior
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The NFL free agent is receiving criticism on social media after sharing a lengthy message from the seven-time Super Bowl champion that came before his shirtless exit from football.

AceShowbiz - Antonio Brown is trolling Tom Brady again, but this time fans didn't find it funny. AB has been labeled "backstabber" by critics after he posted private message sent by Tom following the NFL free agent's erratic behavior.

On Tuesday, November 15, AB turned to his social media account to leak the text that Tom sent him last year before AB's shirtless exit from the NFL. "You are demonstrating very poor decisions and poor communication to so many people who have gone above and beyond to help you," the text read. "You are acting selfish and unfortunately many of those people are exhausted by the erratic and unpredictable emotional behavior."

"When I met you, you were humble, willing to learn and anxious to improve things in your life. In a short period of time, you have done those things and accomplished some great things," Tom told AB. "And very much on the path to success long term. Unfortunately you have reverted very much back to a young immature man that is selfish, self serving, irrational and irresponsible."

Tom went on stressing that he was "disappointed in many behaviors over the past few months." The seven-time Super Bowl champion added, "You have seemed to have lost that humility and that APG. You have gone from hanging around good quality people that had genuine interest in seeing you succeed, to seeing others whose lives are erratic and out of control and leading you down a negative path."

Though AB decided to delete the post a few hours later, fans were outraged for what he did to Tom. "@AB84 Really turned out to be a backstabber! I remember his OVER enthusiasm EVERY TIME he restarted somewhere & I said I thought he was overplaying it & 'I thought' he was a phony, BUT I always try to give the benefit of the doubt. @TomBrady is a good dude man. @AB84's a #POS now!" one person tweeted.

"Tom Brady basically told Antonio Brown to stop acting like a b***h and grow up and be a damn man!!" another penned, "But Antonio is immature he posted that text because in his CTE riddled brain he thought it would make Brady look reality it made Brady look like a stand up guy."

A third, in the meantime, applauded Tom. "I love @TomBrady for this. Real friends will be honest with you even if the conversation is uncomfortable. That is the sign of true leadership," wrote the said person.

Someone else slammed AB for "being disrespectful to Tom." The said user posted, "@AB84 you the funniest mf on snap fr but you gotta stop being disrespectful to Tom Brady fr he looked out for you went you was down bad fr. Gotta make that s**t right fr."

AB's immature attacks have risen amid Tom's marital problems with his now-ex-wife Gisele Bundchen. Last month, AB took to his Instagram account to upload a picture of him hugging Gisele. A few days later, AB poked fun at Tom and his wife's decision to live separately with a photoshopped cover of a fake children's book titled "Daddy Doesn't Live Here Anymore: A Book About Divorce."

Not stopping there, AB dissed Tom on Snapchat. On October 23, he uploaded a throwback photo of Tom and Gisele posing sweetly on the field, but with AB's head photoshopped over Tom's. AB also took the troll to the next level by selling T-shirts featuring a photo of himself hugging Gisele.

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