'The View' Host Ana Navarro Likens Tiffany Trump's Wedding to a 'MAGA Funeral'
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The self-described centrist and her co-hosts are discussing Donald Trump Jr.'s fiancee Kimberly Guilfoyle's wardrobe choice at the Mar-a-Lago ceremony when she disses the nuptials.

AceShowbiz - While everybody was still talking about Tiffany Trump and Michael Boulos' wedding over the weekend, Ana Navarro didn't miss a chance to share her take on it. And the political strategist didn't mince her words as she likened the lavish nuptials to a "MAGA funeral."

Tiffany's November 12 wedding was a hot topic in the Monday, November 14 episode of "The View". The panelists, including Ana, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines, were discussing how Ivanka Trump cropped Donald Trump Jr.'s fiancee Kimberly Guilfoyle out of photos from the wedding in an Instagram post, though she later included the full photo with Kimberly in her Instagram Story.

The ladies speculated that it was due to Kimberly's black dress, which didn't match the color hue of the dresses worn by other family members. Alyssa, a former Donald Trump White House aide, said, "I stand with Ivanka on this. Kimberly didn't understand the assignment."

She continued weighing in, "It's a Florida wedding in November. All the women clearly knew what the palette was, what the look was, and she was dressed like she was going to a MAGA funeral or something. I'm gonna be honest, I probably would have cropped her too," adding that her winged dress made her look like "she was ready to take flight."

Ana, a political strategist, disagreed. "Maybe it's completely the opposite. Maybe she did get the assignment because it was a MAGA funeral," she said, which the audience seemed to love as they clapped and cheered at Anna's dig.

Sara then defended Kimberly's choice of outfit, "Don't you think there's something to be said for, New Yorkers wear black to everything?" she asked. "She spent a lot of time in New York." Her co-host Alyssa wasn't into the theory, saying Sara was "stretching it."

Meanwhile, Sunny praised Tiffany, who was often criticized in the past. "Tiffany looks fantastic," she said of the bride's look. She added, "They used to always come down on her as the unattractive Trump. She was the cute Trump."

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