Dominic West Stayed at King Charles' Cottage While Preparing for 'The Crown' Role

The actor who portrays the now-British monarch in the Netflix series opens up on his preparation to play then-Prince Charles in the fifth season of the hit show.

AceShowbiz - Dominic West once stayed in a cottage he rented from King Charles. The 53-year-old actor takes on the role of the now-monarch- who acceded to the throne upon the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth in September - during the years that he was known as Prince Charles in Netflix hit "The Crown" and, as part of his research for the role, ended up staying on a farm estate in Cornwall operated on behalf of the King.

"Well, I read most of the books about him, and my God, there's a lot of biographers as we saw [in the coverage of] the Queen's funeral. There seemed to be a new one every 10 minutes. I took advantage of the huge research department of 'The Crown'," he said.

"They sent me lots of videos, lots of interviews. I mean, it's the thing about him, There's so much on him, and every single moment of his life has been scrutinized and recorded, so there's a lot to go on. He has a farm estate that he rescued in Cornwall and that the Duchy of Cornwall [which operates land holdings on behalf of the British monarch's eldest son] now runs, and you can rent cottages there."

"The Wire" star went on to explain that he stayed in the accommodation for a week so he could "think about" the 73-year-old royal - who is now married to Queen Consort Camilla but has sons Prince William and Prince Harry with the late Princess Diana - and enjoyed the "travel aspect" of the preparation.

He told Entertainment Weekly, "I went there for week, just to sort of carry on my reading and research and walk around and think about him and be in a place [imbued] by his personality. I went to Highgrove [Charles' private residence] as well and joined a garden tour there. So I really enjoyed the travel aspects and going to the places where he's had an effect."

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