Chance The Rapper's Wife Kirsten Corley Defends Husband After Twitter Trans Porn Controversy
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Yesterday, the 'No Brainer' rapper found himself trending on the blue bird app after he's caught liking a post from an account under the username 'tubeasiants.'

AceShowbiz - Chance The Rapper's wife has weighed in on his recent bizarre social media gesture. Kirsten Corley has finally cleared up the "No Brainer" rapper's Twitter trans porn controversy.

On Friday, October 21, Kirsten took to her Instagram account to set the record straight and address the bothered "trolls." She accused the haters of making a big deal out of nothing, and insisted Chance's "like" wasn't intentional.

"Y'all really be reachin'," she began. "He's never gonna address this, but all I have to say is we were literally at an event all night … the night before last, until late. We were celebrating, and sometimes you 'like' s**t by accident. So all y'all little trolls coming for page, that are getting blocked, y'all can go to hell."

On Thursday, October 20, Chance, who's slated to appear as a coach for season 23 of "The Voice", found himself trending on Twitter after fans caught him liking a transgender porn tweet. The original post from account @tubeasiants was posted in August 2022 and questioned users if they preferred trans dating, adult games or webcam content.

Fans are wondering if Chance, born Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, un-loved the post after his move was recognized by people as it no longer appears on his "likes" tab. "Lmao Twitter is faster than the FBI," one commenter wrote, while another offered the "No Problem" rapper, "If I was Chance The Rapper I would tweet, 'yeah what about it.' " Someone quipped, "He ain't got no damn burner account???"

In the meantime, some fans felt the response to his liked tweet showed another issue at hand. "People saying they're gonna unstan Chance The Rapper [because] he like trans porn but still stan artists who got several abuse and sexual assault allegations or associate with people who got them ... what's up with that?" a user argued, while one more suggested his social media gesture "shouldn't be causing this type of discourse."

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