Kanye West's 'Drink Champs' Episode Is Taken Down as Diddy Faces Backlash
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Internet users have noticed the controversial episode, in which Ye addresses his 'WLM' T-shirt as well as his anti-semitic comments, is no longer available to watch on the podcast's YouTube channel.

AceShowbiz - "Drink Champs" apparently has taken down its recent episode featuring Kanye West amid backlash. Internet users noticed on Monday, October 17 that the controversial Sunday episode is no longer available to watch on the podcast's YouTube channel.

Reporting the news was The Shade Room. In its Instagram post, it shared a screenshot of N.O.R.E. a.k.a. NOREAGA's tweet in which he attached the YouTube video of Kanye's interview which now has been made private.

Upon learning of the move, some fans didn't think it would change anything. "Once it's on the internet, it belongs to the internet," one fan said. Referring to report that George Floyd's family is considering a lawsuit after Ye claimed that he died of fentanyl instead of police brutality, another person commented, "It should've never been aired that's the problems... that's not gone stop a lawsuit its so many screen recordings out of what he said."

"I mean, it already made it's rounds," another person commented. Blasting "Drink Champs", one user questioned, "So he really trying to save face after the fact? Thought he was gonna profit off Kanye's mental issues and it backfired."

Following the interview, in which Kanye addressed his "White Lives Matter" T-shirt as well as his anti-semitic comments, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs also faced the wrath of people. "Nore, Drink Champs, revolt, and Diddy all deserve serious backlash for not only giving Kanye a platform and zero pushback but for then acting like they're not responsible. You served him liquor. You egged him on. You gave him a platform to spread hate and misinformation," a Twitter user said.

"Kanye got kicked off social media platforms for being antisemitic. Then a Black platform, @revolttv let him get on and spew more antiBlackness. Don't say it's not on you @diddy, get on code. The racism, lying, bigotry etc was careless, unnecessary and tacky as hell," someone else added.

A user also compared "Drink Champs" to LeBron James' show "The Shop", which decided to pull Kanye's episode because the "Donda" artist used its platform to spread more hate speech. "The thing about Nore, Diddy, & drink champs is, you literally just saw LeBron company say there're not airing the donda son interview, to not allow his s**tty rhetoric to be spread & on their platform.. Nore said f**k that he bout to 'break the internet' smh," the person said.

Also facing pushback was host N.O.R.E. People blasted him online for his apparent hands-off approach during the episode. They felt the host should have checked Ye for his recent controversies. Calling out N.O.R.E., one critic tweeted, "I'm sorry, but @noreaga should be ashamed of that interview. And I love N.O.R.E. - music, everything. I don't know him personally, but he seems like a good guy, but he should be ashamed of that interview. You can't do that unless you are going to challenge and discuss things."

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