Kelly Ripa Praises 'Fabulous' Hospital Staff as Her Mom Is Recovering From Heart Procedure

When co-hosting 'Live with Kelly and Ryan', the 51-year-old actress/TV personality reveals also reveals that her mom Esther Ripa is 'doing great' following the surgery.

AceShowbiz - Kelly Ripa couldn't be more grateful for the healthcare workers who recently took care of her mom. As Esther Ripa is recovering from a heart procedure, the "Live with Kelly and Ryan" co-host sang praise for the "fabulous" hospital staff.

In the Wednesday, September 7 episode of her show, Kelly told co-host Ryan Seacrest and the audience that her mom is "doing great" following the surgery. She also shared, "I got to tell you something, until you - and all people go through this, and you don't really realize what gems hospital workers are."

"Not just the surgeons and the physicians assistants, but those ICU nurses are just so special and so fabulous at allaying anybody's fears, anxieties and just keeping everyone in the know," the wife of Mark Consuelos continued.

Kelly also teased that her father was asking her mom too many questions amid her recovery. "Between children and parents, you spend a great deal of your time - if you're like me, what I like to lovingly call the sandwich generation - you spend time in hospitals, and you learn that you only ask yes and no questions."

"It's like being a trial lawyer, but you're in a hospital," the actress elaborated further. " 'Are you hot? Are you cold? Do you want dad to stop talking?' "

Kelly first mentioned her mom's surgery in the Tuesday episode. She joked that her mom was "the worst patient" for a doctor. On the reason why, she explained, "I will say this, we were [at the hospital] late last night and very early this morning... My mom was wearing this turban, if you will, a wrap on [her] head. And she wouldn't wear it into surgery, they don't allow that. And this morning I see that my mom was sporting the chicest French girl bob I've ever seen."

"She goes, 'Ugh, I didn't want to deal with it. I didn't want to deal with having to worry about my hair so I had your father cut it with the kitchen scissors,' " she recalled. "My dad has missed his calling as a hairstylist."

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