Promoter Slams Latto for Canceling Show After Refusing Zelle Payment
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Internet users, however, defend the 'Big Energy' female emcee, who was initially set to perform in Atlanta this weekend, as some of them feel like her decision does make sense.

AceShowbiz - Latto (Mulatto) upset a promoter after she bailed out on a show because she didn't want her payment transferred through digital payment network Zelle. Following the cancellation, the promoter shared his side of the story in a Facebook post.

"So because we offered to pay Latto $5,000 of her remaining balance in Zelle and the rest in cash she pulled off because she only wanted CASH," he said of the "Big Energy" femcee. "Then goes to IG and says we didn't have her money [facepalm emoji]."

Internet users, however, defended Latto as some of them felt like her decision to turn down the offer did make sense. "She don't gotta except Zelle I wouldn't I would be scared they trying to scam," one user wrote in an Instagram comment. "The Real Housewives of Potomac" star Candiace Dillard also weighed in on the matter, asking, "If you had the $ in the zelle account…why not go to the bank and get the cash? Lol."

"If she said she wanted cash then that's what they should've gave her lol," another person similarly wrote. Another user echoed the sentiment, saying, "Idk I'm with her cause split payments don't sit right with me. Folks might try to scam you."

Latto was initially set to take the stage for Atlanta's Black Pride celebration on Saturday, September 3 at Cosmo. Announcing that she canceled her performance, the 23-year-old wrote on Instagram Story, "Sorry y'all, they didn't have all my money. I love y'all."

That aside, Latto previously shocked fans when she appeared to hint that she will be having a baby with her boyfriend sooner or later. Back in June, the Atlanta star took to Twitter to express how much she missed her man. "Get me home to my man nowwwww," the "It's Givin' " rhymer sweetly exclaimed. When a fan asked her, "you miss him already?" she wasn't shy to admit, "Girl I be dead crying when I have to leave lol we got separation anxiety reallll bad."

Latto then bragged that her beau would fly her on a private jet to get her back home sooner after a show. "1 thing about it my man gone put me on a jet after my show to get me back home to him faster," so she claimed. When a fan jokingly asked Latto to invite them to the wedding, the raptress replied, "Ok. I'm just tryna see if I wanna have this baby before or after."

Latto has been dating the unnamed boyfriend privately for two years. She previously gushed about how her boyfriend made her cry with his thoughtful support following the release of her album "777". "Everything falling in place for you. Nobody can't stop [you,]" her boyfriend wrote in a text exchange, which screenshot was shared by the musician. "My man got me crying in the hookah bar yall," she captioned it.

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