Princess Diana's Pal Thinks Late Royal Would Have Been Dismayed by Harry and Meghan's Royal Exit

The diarist of the late Princess of Wales believes the mom-of-two wouldn't have liked Meghan Markle very much because of her part in son Harry's royal exit.

AceShowbiz - Princess Diana's friend thinks the late royal wouldn't have been a "great fan" of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. The princess passed away in a car crash 25 years ago but, if she had lived, her diarist Tina Brown believes she would have been "very anxious" about the way her youngest son, Prince Harry, and his wife have stepped away from royal duties and moved to America.

"Diana was very protective of her boys. She would have been very, very protective of Harry and I believe very anxious about this direction they've taken," Tina told The Daily Beast.

"I think she would have felt Meghan was steering Harry in a direction that was not good for Harry. I don't think Diana would have been the great fan of Meghan that Meghan herself might perhaps imagine."

However, Tina thinks Diana would have been "thrilled" when Harry struck up a relationship with the former "Suits" actress, whom he married in 2018 and went on to have children Archie, three, and Lili, 14 months, with.

She added, "[She would have been thrilled] that her son was happy. She would have been delighted, supportive and thrilled someone of mixed race was joining the royal family because Diana was so inclusive."

If the princess had lived, Tina believes she would have become an even bigger global name, thanks to her humanitarian work. She said, "She kept Kensington Palace as her base. Unlike Harry and Meghan she understood having the power base of monarchy was enormously important. Today, I believe she would have had billions of followers on Instagram, and used that to the max."

"By now, her charitable foundation would have been as big as Bill Gates'. She began that global humanitarian celebrity outreach that we went on to see with the Clooneys and Bono. She's a real forerunner of that. It's very tragic to know that didn't happen."

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