Rihanna Defended Against Fat-Shaming Comments

Fans rally behind the Savage X Fenty founder as some people brand her 'fat' after she's pictured out and about following the arrival of her first child with A$AP Rocky.

AceShowbiz - Rihanna can always count on the Navy for some support amid negative comments. The Barbadian songstress has been defended by her fans after online trolls fat-shamed her over her post-baby body.

As Rih has been making a lot of public appearances following the birth of her first child with A$AP Rocky, many eyes were on her body transformation post-pregnancy. Not mincing their words, some naysayers branded the Grammy Award-winning artist "fat" after seeing her rocking a white shirt over a little black dress during her recent date night with her boyfriend and baby daddy in New York City.

"Damn Rihanna got fat bro!!!!!!!" one social media user commented on the paparazzi snaps of Rihanna. Another noted, "Rihanna is overweight and the weight does not look good on her nor is it healthy. She keeps gaining weight instead of losing any. She needs to start dressing her body type bc these outfits are doing her no justice."

A third claimed, "Giving birth should not be a reason to let yourself go. She is probably an emotional eater and going through postpartum depression. Her deciding to have a child with a closeted colorist and criminal doesn't help." The same critic urged, "She needs to change her diet, hit the gym and enjoy motherhood. I love Rihanna and this weight is not cute and keeps adding up."

Many of Rihanna's fans have since come to her defense, with one saying, "She looks great IMO, I love the baby weight on her and that face card never declining." The fans opined, "Her clothes are making her look big in the first pic. She looks fine. Men are clueless about how long it takes a woman’s body to recalibrate after birth."

Another agreed as saying, "She's fine, she just doesn’t know to style herself when she gains weight. She's not that big it's what she's wearing making her look bigger." A third simply remarked, "She still looks good to me. Weight or not." Another clapped back at the haters, "They need to leave her alone. Her child's father is a big enough L."

Someone, however, insisted that one should easily lose weight after giving birth. "I gave birth to twins and lost the extra weight within the first 14 days because it was water weight!!!!!" the said person claimed. "how come my cousins, coworkers and friends had the same experience as myself? The answer is simple: change your diet after giving birth. Eat alot of steamed vegetables, drink plenty of water, take your vitamins, walk around the house and breastfeed!!! It’s not magic and the extra weight will fall off within 14 days. She needs to cut off the sodium and processed food. Increase her water intake and walk."

To this claim, someone else responded, "Every woman's body reacts differently to pregnancy."

Rihanna welcomed her first child, a baby boy, with A$AP Rocky in May. While she looked like she was ready to get back to her usual routine, a source explained that she was still not prepared to introduce her baby to the public eyes.

"Rihanna is not quite ready to debut her baby to the world just yet," the so-called insider told Hollywood Life, adding that the 34-year-old star was "extremely protective" of the infant and that "he's still very young and she's still managing the transition to motherhood."

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