NLE Choppa Raises Eyebrows With His Armpits Lick Tweet

One of the 19-year-old 'Walk Em Down' rapper's Twitter posts, in which he details his freaky kink, is met with clownery as some Internet user deem it disgusting.

AceShowbiz - Nowadays, most people love to share everything about their lives on social media. Rapper NLE Choppa seemingly is among those who enjoy oversharing things with others online. However, he may take it too far as many find one of his tweets disgusting.

On Tuesday, August 17, the "Walk Em Down" rapper wrote on the blue bird app, "I lick my girl armpits all that imma real freak, my saliva yo deodorant." Unsurprisingly, his tweet caught people's attention as many of them clowned NLE for his apparent kink.

"I feel sick," an internet user wrote in an Instagram comment. Someone else was concerned about the smell, saying, "Breath smelling like sauteed onions."

Some others insinuated that they couldn't care less about his freaky preference as long as he didn't announce it. "And that's fine but why you have you tell us ?" one person asked. Similarly, another user wrote, "Why did we need to know this."

One comment, meanwhile, read, "And this the dude y'all be listening to give health and hygiene advice? Tuh." The commenter seemingly referred to the fact that the emcee has been making use of his platform to share some health tips.

More recently, the "Final Warning" spitter warned his followers about the dangers of food that have long been deemed healthy. "These Here Are Few Hybrid Food Options You Shouldn't Be Consuming," he tweeted on August 12. "Spinach, Broccoli, Banana, Carrots, Corn, Potatoes, Rice, Bread, Breakfast Cereals, Tumeric, And Peppermint. These are just a few."

In a separate post, the Memphis rapper added, "SUGAR is also a hybrid it's actually a drug. Highly addictive." According to an article on Livestrong, hybrid foods are "those that are cross-bred to create produce [sic] that maximizes desirable traits."

The hip-hop star also appeared to be really passionate about healthy living as he's already planning his retirement from music industry. "Finna buy out my contract and become full time herbalist," he wrote last month. "Forget the music stuff about to help my people."

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