Nicki Minaj Calls Out Cashier Who Mistook Her for Trina in Hilarious Viral TikTok Clip

The 'Super Bass' hitmaker shares how she reacted after the male worker at a store recognized her as the raptress who once worked together with Trick Daddy.

AceShowbiz - Nicki Minaj has made it clear that she wants to be recognized as herself, not Trina. Making use of her social media platform, the "Anaconda" hitmaker called out a cashier who mistook her for the "Here We Go" songstress.

On Wednesday, August 3, the Trinidadian raptress uploaded a hilarious clip on TikTok. Detailing the mishap, she told her followers, "Y'all I just came back from this meeting right? And because, like, on my way home, I'm like, I asked the driver to drop me off at this store."

Nicki, who donned a black T-shirt and unique black sunglasses, then said after she "[picked] up a couple things," she went to the cash register. "And the man at the register, he start looking at me like…you know, he don't want to like kind of blow my cover," the hip-hop star continued, " 'Cause there's other people waiting right behind me in the store."

"So I lean in because it's clear that he's trying to tell me something and I don't want to talk too loud. So he goes and he's so serious but he's mad excited," Nicki added. "So I'm like, you know, like of course the global icon superstar. I'm like, if you know, I'm thinking in my head it's okay."

Nicki further shared, "He leans in and with all seriousness he said, 'I've been listening to you all day.' He was like, 'That old school is my favorite.' " The "Super Bass" hitmaker continued, "He was like, 'That one with you and Trick Daddy?' " After a very awkward long pause, the rap star said, "Sir…"

Many TikTok users found it hilarious, with one commenting, "that pause like sir really???" A separate social media user opined, "You know non-black folks think we all look the same [laughing face with tears emoji]. It never fails. Both ladies are beautiful, but it's not hard to tell the difference." A third added, "I'm legit wheezing [trio crying emojis] the pause after trick daddy." Someone else chimed in, "I died at the pause before the Sir."

Nicki and Trina had worked together for their collaborative track "BAPS", which was released in 2019. At the time, Reginald Saunders, the head of Artists & Repertoire at Trina's Rockstarr Music Group blasted Nicki over her alleged lack of support for their collaboration.

"When everyone tried to warn me I still gave her the benefit of the doubt," Reginald said in a now-deleted Instagram post. "I can't wait to see how all of this is about to play out because you can't stop karmas reign, shame on you... I mostly feel sorry for the #barbs (Nicki Minaj fans) because they have no clue of the deceiver and manipulator their leader is."

However, Trina was quick to deny any bad blood with the "Starships" hitmaker. "There is no beef between me and Nicki Minaj," she said during an Instagram Live session. "Another female artist, you're not gonna disrespect Nicki Minaj or nobody else that's on my album because these people did this off my face and my favor," she went on stressing, "There will be no disrespect for Nicki Minaj or nobody else that's on my album."

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