Olivia Culpo Admits She's Still 'Traumatized' After Saving Her Sister From Falling Refrigerator

After the former Miss Universe divulges that the refrigerator fell on Sophia Culpo, the latter takes to her Instagram Story to give more details about the incident.

AceShowbiz - Olivia Culpo just had such a "crazy day." Revealing that she has saved her younger sister from a falling refrigerator, the former Miss Universe admitted that she was "traumatized" by the incident.

Making use of Instagram Story on Tuesday, July 12, the 30-year-old shared a photo of the fridge and a number of food items like milk, eggs, mayo and turkey deli spilled on the floor. "This refrigerator fell on Sophie yesterday," she revealed.

"I didn't post it bc I was traumatized," she confessed. "But if you saw on her stories she's 100% ok luckily Katie and I ran over as it was mid way in the air and held it up although her head was inside the thing."

Olivia went on to lament, "Crazy day." She added, "Not going to miss this part of a new move in. Let this be your reminder to secure all appliances and not leave details like this up to 60+ year old parents the end."

It's unclear what was in Sophia's earlier Instagram Stories. However, in a Wednesday post, Sophia detailed the incident. "So the reason that the fridge fell forward is because, it's going to be covered with the matching wood finish front and back, and the back I guess will like be mounted to the wall," she elaborated.

"But because it's not finished yet, it's not mounted. So that is why it fell forward," the younger Culpo continued. She further stressed, "And they were not kidding," while zooming in her phone camera on a product warning posted on the fridge about the potential for refrigerators to tip over and cause injuries.

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