Chris Pratt 'Cried About' Backlash to His Shady Katherine Schwarzenegger Instagram Ode

The 'Guardians of the Galaxy' actor was accused of taking digs at his ex-wife Anna Faris, with whom he shares son Jack who was born premature and experienced numerous health issues after his birth.

AceShowbiz - Chris Pratt addressed the public backlash over an Instagram tribute to his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger back in November. At the time, the "Guardians of the Galaxy" actor was accused of shading ex-wife Anna Faris while thanking Katherine for giving him a "healthy daughter." In a new interview, Chris admitted that he had a tearful reaction to the criticism.

Speaking with Men's Health, Chris admitted that he "cried" and was "really f**king bothered" by the backlash. "I said something like, 'Find someone who looks at you the way my wife looks at me.' And then I gave her some s**t in the thing and said, 'But I love you. I'm so thankful for my wife - she gave me a beautiful, healthy daughter,' " he recalled in his profile for the magazine, which came out Tuesday, June 28.

"And then a bunch of articles came out and said, 'That's so cringeworthy. I can't believe Chris Pratt would thank her for a healthy daughter when his first child was born premature. That's such a dig at his ex-wife,' " he added. He called the discourse "f**ked up," noting that his son would "read that one day" because it's "etched in digital stone."

"I cried about it," the "Jurassic World" star said. "I hate that these blessings in my life are - to the people close to me - a real burden."

Chris and Anna share son Jack together. He was born two months premature and experienced numerous health issues in the aftermath of his birth.

Chris went on to joke that the backlash caused his publicist to get panicked. He said his "publicist would be like, 'I'm sweating Chris, I'm sweating' " if they knew he had waded into the controversy.

In the interview, Chris also discussed the criticism surrounding his alleged religious beliefs and ties. Elliot Page (formerly known as Ellen Page) previously slammed him for attending an "infamously anti lgbtq" church, referring to Los Angeles' Hillsong Church. "I never went to Hillsong," he told Men's Health. "I've never actually been to Hillsong. I don't know anyone from that church."

He continued, "Religion has been oppressive as f**k for a long time. I think there's a distinction between being religious - adhering to the customs created by man, oftentimes appropriating the awe reserved for who I believe is a very real God - and using it to control people, to take money from people, to abuse children, to steal land, to justify hatred."

"Whatever it is. The evil that's in the heart of every single man has glommed on to the back of religion and come along for the ride," he added.

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