Baz Luhrmann Regrets Not Taking Opportunity to Work Together on Secret Project With David Bowie

The 'Elvis' director reveals that he and the late musician, who passed away after his secret cancer battle, became 'very good' friends after they worked together on the soundtrack for his 2001 movie 'Moulin Rouge!'.

AceShowbiz - Baz Luhrmann had plans to work on a project with David Bowie. The "Elvis" director was a huge fan of the late musician and they worked together on the soundtrack for his 2001 movie "Moulin Rouge!", which led to a close friendship.

Baz revealed they had talked about working together again, before David passed away in 2016, following a secret battle with cancer, and he now regrets not taking up the opportunity. He told NME, "From the moment I first heard this [Bowie's 'Changes'] song, I was a huge Bowie fan, eventually working with him [on the 'Moulin Rouge! soundtrack'] and then towards the end of his life, he became a very good friend."

"He used to come round and we'd walk the dogs," Baz continued. "We were talking about going to Berlin at one point to do something together. I must have been so stupid, why didn't I just say yes?"

Baz also revealed he is a huge fan of Doja Cat, after she recorded the song "Vegas" for the "Elvis" soundtrack. He said, "She made this song for the Elvis soundtrack and it's already blowing up. I've worked with Madonna and Beyonce Knowles and I see something similar in Doja Cat: she's just a really, really hard worker. And when you see her on stage, my god she's a good dancer."

Of his latest project, "Elvis", Baz described it as a "superhero film." The 59-year-old director has helmed the upcoming movie that stars Austin Butler as the King of Rock and Roll and branded the late music icon as the "original superhero."

"You know, while I was looking at that little reel and I'm thinking it feels a bit like a superhero film," Baz said. "It is because I actually think Elvis is kind of the original superhero. And I mean that he comes from dirt, and in a few blinding moments, he rises so high, he finds his kryptonite, and also love. And then a beautiful, powerful tragedy ensues."

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