Weighing in on the 'Black Panther' actor's split from the SKN by LH founder, the former NBA star claims that Michael likes 'the white meat' but can't date one due to fear of backlash.

AceShowbiz - Nick Young has weighed in on the end of Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey's romance. Giving his unsolicited take on the possible reason of the former couple's split, the basketballer claims that the actor is actually into white chicks.

Nick, who was previously engaged to Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, took to Twitter on Friday, June 10 to share his two cents on the matter. He insinuated that the "Creed" star likes white women, but can't date one because he may receive heavy criticism for it. "Mike b Jordan really like the white meat but y'all [won't] let him be with one lol," so read Nick's tweet.

What Nick didn't know, however, that his comment would soon backfire. People thought that the former NBA star is the least person to criticize Michael about his alleged preference of girls since Nick himself is known for his history with white girls.

"It is crazy how men these days are such huge gossipers and tend to gossip so much and have no shame. Like who woke up and asked Nick Young his 2 cents?" one person clowned Nick. Another warned him, "Nick you deserve whatever clap back cause you are the last one that need to be talking about some white meat."

A third reacted, "he's in no position to talk." A fourth person reminded the 37-year-old athlete, "So do you. You forgot?" while another person echoed the sentiment, "I mean so do he , he only went back cause she his bm got pregnant again."

Another critic alleged of Nick, "you did too," while another begged to differ, "How 'WE' stopping Michael from being with white meat? Make it make sense." Someone else, however, agreed with Nick as saying, "finally somebody said it out loud."

Michael and Lori broke up after over one year of dating since November 2021. Neither of them has addressed the split, but the model has removed all pictures featuring the actor from her Instagram page.

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