Nick Young Responds After Accused of Stealing Kobe Bryant Tribute T-Shirt

The former Los Angeles Lakers player accuses the designer of profiting off Kobe's death after he was caught seemingly trying to sell the T-shirt without crediting the man.

AceShowbiz - Nick Young was accused of stealing a T-shirt design, featuring Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, and passing it off as his own. On Instagram, the designer explained that the T-shirt would be sold and the proceeds would be donated to Kobe's sports foundation Mambacita.

Apparently, Nick saw and liked it. The designer showed a screenshot of Nick calling the design "lit" in DMs and asking the man to send him one T-shirt. According to the designer, he sent it to Nick for free because he knew how much Nick loved Kobe.

However, complications soon arose when Nick blocked the designer on Instagram and promoted the T-shirt under his own fashion banner, Mosthated, without crediting the man. Unlike the designer who made it clear that the money would be donated to Kobe's organization, Nick in his original post didn't mention anything about donation. "Tee coming soon!! Soft like charming," he captioned the photo that has since been deleted.

"Everyone knows how much this s**t affected me as a whole and to have this happening when I had good intentions with what I was doing every step of the way," the designer lamented. "I'm lost for words and don't even know what to say and how to feel. S**t really got me feeling numb."

Nick then responded on his Instagram. Despite the designer saying the proceeds would go to Kobe's organization, Nick accused the man of profiting off Kobe's death. He wrote, "Anyone who makes and supports ppl that trying to make money off ppl who aren't here no more with having any connections with him and just doing to make money you're a sucka [100%] it's no place for that in this world."

He added in another note, "I'm not here for ppl trying to make money off of Kobe and if you support that your a sucka. If you dnt have any history with him and just doing things to make money off him you're a sucka."

On top of that, Nick accused the designer of seeking attention. "Bro stop saying my name trying to get famous," he said in DMs.

Despite the debacle, Nick was adamant to sell the T-shirt as he promoted "mosthated Kobe tee" again in a new post on Instagram. This time, he added a note that the money would be donated to the Mambacita. He also posted a receipt of his donation to the organization.

But he soon removed the promotion once again.

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