Jeannie Mai Unveils 1st Look at Baby Monaco Five Months After Giving Birth

Making use of her YouTube series 'Hello Hunnay' to debut her baby daughter, the former 'The Real' co-host admits she was 'so nervous' to introduce her baby to the world.

AceShowbiz - Jeannie Mai has finally given her fans a glimpse of her baby daughter. Five months after welcoming her first child with Jeezy (previously known as Young Jeezy), the TV personality has introduced baby Monaco to the world.

In the latest episode of her YouTube series "Hello Hunnay" shared on Thursday, June 2, the 43-year-old first teased that viewers were "going to meet somebody very, very special in my life-somebody new, somebody shiny, somebody who smells so good like five-months-old good." She gushed, "[This] might be the most exciting episode I've had here on Hello Hunnay."

The video then cut to a montage of pictures and footage from the infant's first months on Earth. The little girl was seen being held by her father Jeezy, Paster Dave Gibbons and her grandfathers. She also also had a cute hangout with her mom's "The Real" co-hosts.

"It's time to share the most amazing, exciting, newest member of the Hello Hunnay family," Jeannie said when returning on camera, admitting through tears that she was "so nervous" to introduce her baby to the world the past five months.

"It's such a weird combination between being so excited about something but knowing that the world is a really mean place sometimes," the former "The Real" co-host explained. "I can protect myself, I can block y'all, I can ignore the comments, but you can't do that with the baby, you know, so this is why it was so hard for me to get to this place to share Monaco."

"I got really scared, guarded and protected," she added. "Please excuse the nerves cause this was the entire last five months but I promise I'm ready."

Jeannie was then joined by her mom Olivia TuTram Mai, whom she calls "Momma Mai," and her baby girl, who were twinning in leopard-print ensembles and headbands. She also made use of the moment to express her gratitude to her mom, who has been helping her take care of her daughter for the past five months.

Jeannie has since posted a picture and video of her daughter on Instagram for the first time. "In love is an understatement," she captioned the snap featuring baby Monaco with her grandmother.

Jeannie gave birth to her daughter Monaco in January. Last month, she opened up that she got "really, really depressed" during her breastfeeding experience. On her YouTube series, the mother of one admitted she felt "so defeated" when she couldn't produce enough milk for her little one.

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