JT Admits to Having Breast Implants, Considers 'a Redo'

The one-half of City Girls, who previously denied getting any work done on her face, receives a lot of love from her fans after revealing that she got her boobs done in 2018.

AceShowbiz - JT has gotten candid about going under knife to enhance her physical appearance. The 29-year-old rapper has admitted to having breast implants and is now contemplating about whether she should get it redone.

The one-half of hip-hop duo City Girls made the confession when replying to a fan's tweet on Wednesday, June 1. In response to a photo of the raptress, the fan asked, "I wonder if she got her boobs filled to this size or this natural? Them s**ts are a perfect match."

JT then wrote back to the fan, "I got them done 2018 I gained weight in them & didn't have good bras locked up so they look natural sometime it's annoying cause they don't sit well & make me look bigger then what I am." She added, "I want a redo but I kinda like them idk…"

JT has since received a lot of love from her fans, with one suggesting her to "keep em. We love em." Another said, "gurl they're perfect. I wish to get some just as yours sometime soon." One other was surprised that the rapper had gotten work done, commenting, "WHAT? girl they look so natural i love it."

JT has been interacting a lot with her fans on social media lately, though the exchanges were not always nice. Back in May, she clapped back at a user who called her "rude" and likened her body to "a bar of toothpaste" on Twitter.

"She so rude that's why she built like a bar of toothpaste now," the hater posted on the blue-bird app. Within minutes, the Florida native replied, "B***h I'm fine, top of the line, cute face, slim waste (sic) & big behinddddd!!" She hilariously added in the since-deleted tweet, "You got me confused with your dead grandma."

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