P. Diddy's Rumored Fling Gina Huynh Insists They're Just Friends
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In a new interview, Gina clarifies the relationship dynamic between her and the hip-hop mogul, who reportedly has been dating Yung Miami since last year.

AceShowbiz - Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' alleged lady Gina Huynh has a lot to say about her relationship with the hip-hop mogul. In a new interview, Gina clarified the relationship dynamic between her and Diddy, who reportedly has been dating Yung Miami since last year.

"He's just a really good longtime friend of mine," she explained in an interview with thejasmineBRAND. "Nothing more, nothing less."

Gina went on to say, "Like, I just want him to be happy. I want him to live his truth, whatever that means to him." She added, "I don't want to control him, I'm not like, a controlling person. I truly want him to be happy."

Following a long pause, Gina shared, "Honestly, I've been with him for a very long time, but it was never like, set in stone." She continued, "Sometimes I felt like it and sometimes I didn't, but at the end of the day, I really value the friendship that him and I have and that's the most important thing to us."

"I don't really care to be his girlfriend or anything like, it's just the friendship aspect of...you know," she went on to say. " 'Cause like, he did bless me in a lot of ways and I'm always gonna be forever grateful and respect him."

Gina sparked reconciliation rumors with Diddy following his hosting gig at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. At that time, she shared a photo of Diddy planting a kiss on her cheek days prior. It prompted Miami, who has been rumored to be dating the "I'll Be Missing You" spitter, to lash out at her on Twitter.

"somebody please give this girl some attention," Miami wrote at that time. She then added in another tweet, "Notice me please a** b***h go sit down! WE SEE YOU RELAX IT'S ok! You been (AROUND) just (AROUND) for years! You been waiting on this moment if he can't make you famous b***h I ain't!"

Gina then responded to Miami's shade via Instagram Story. "If anybody is seeking attention.. B***H ITS YOU," she argued, before stressing in a follow-up post, "Suck my d**k Idgaf."

Gina, however, recently revealed that she pulled herself from the drama as she blocked him already. When a fan asked in one of her Instagram posts, "Did you block Diddy! I see y'all no longer following each other," she replied, "yes I did."

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