Shaquille O'Neal Admits to Liking His Daughters Better Than Sons: 'I'm Dead Serious'

On a podcast show, the four-time NBA champion reveals that he tells his sons they must move out when they're 18, but his daughters can 'stay as long as [they] want.'

AceShowbiz - Shaquille O'Neal has opened up about his preference for his daughters to his sons and he has different rules for them. Speaking about his family on a podcast show, the former NBA star revealed that he told his sons they must move out when they're 18, while he'll let his daughters live at home for far longer than his sons.

In a Tuesday, April 19 episode of "The Pivot Podcast", Shaq admitted, "I like my girls a little bit better." He explained, "Because as a man you have to protect, provide and love your woman."

"I trust them more because they're more sensitive, they're more caring and they're thinkers," the 50-year-old further divulged. "You know how boys are. My boys, you bring something in front of them and they're gone."

"I tell my boys when y'all get 18 you all got to go. Girls can stay as long as they want," Shaq summed up. Asked if he meant every word he said, the four-time NBA champion replied, "I'm dead serious." He went on stressing, "[The girls] can stay as long as y'all want, take your time. Go to college, get your master's, get your doctorate, I'll pay for it, take your time."

Shaq shares four children, 22-year-old Shareef, 20-year-old Amirah, 19-year-old Shaqir and 15-year-old Me'arah, with his ex-wife Shaunie O'Neal. Shaunie is also a mother to 24-year-old son Myles from a previous relationship, while Shaq has a daughter, Taahirah, with his former girlfriend Arnetta Yardbourgh.

On the same podcast, Shaq admitted he is to blame for the end of his marriage to Shaunie. "I've never talked about this, and I'm glad you guys asked because I don't mind talking about this, but I was bad... She was awesome. She really was. It was all me," he said. "I wasn't protecting her and protecting those vows... Sometimes when you live that double life, you get caught up. I'm not going to say it was her; it was all me."

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