Johnny Depp Reveals Daughter Lily-Rose Depp and Amber Heard Are 'Not on Great Terms'

Continuing his testimony in the defamation trial, the '21 Jump Street' star claims that the 'Aquaman' actress and her friends did drugs at their wedding reception and the finger severing incident was the last straw in their marriage.

AceShowbiz - Johnny Depp has brought his daughter up in his testimony at the ongoing trial in Virginia. On Wednesday, April 20, the actor, who is suing his ex Amber Heard for defamation, recalled his wedding to the actress and revealed why his daughter Lily-Rose Depp skipped the wedding.

Depp admitted that the elder of his two children with ex Vanessa Paradis was not fond of his then-bride Heard. "My daughter Lily-Rose did not come to the wedding. She and Ms. Heard were not on particularly great terms, for several reasons," he told the jury.

Depp then detailed Heard's alleged drug use, saying that he had seen her taking MDMA, mushrooms and "high velocity" speed throughout their relationship. He claimed the actress and her "gang" of friends even drank drugs from a "communal bag of MDMA" at their wedding reception, and that there was a schedule for the day's events that read, "Dinner, dancing, and drugs."

Depp, who previously claimed that he never struck Heard or any woman in his life, alleged that Heard would instigate fights with him and was the one who got violent during their arguments. He said the 35-year-old would "strike out" at him in "her frustration and in her rage," adding, "It could begin with a slap, it could begin with a shove, it could begin with throwing a TV remote at my head..." and that her behavior became "constant" during their arguments.

As to why he stayed in the marriage despite her abusive behavior, Depp said that it was a "complicated answer." He divulged, "Why did I stay? I suppose because my father stayed [in his abusive marriage]. ... And I didn't want to fail. I wanted to try to make it work. I thought maybe I could help her. I thought maybe I could bring her around. Because the Amber Heard that I knew for the first year, year and a half was not this, suddenly this opponent. It wasn't my girl, she had become my opponent."

Depp said it was the finger severing incident that became the last straw in their marriage. He claimed Heard threw a bottle of vodka at him and it made contact with his hand. He initially lied about what happened, saying that he'd gotten his finger jammed in a door, to protect Heard, before he told his personal doctor the truth. Not long after that, he ended their relationship, according to the actor.

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