Cynthia Bailey and Todd Bridges Get Into Verbal Fight on 'Celebrity Big Brother': 'F**k You!'

In a new video from the latest episode of the 'Big Brother' spin-off, the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' alum and the 'Different Strokes' icon can be heard fighting and yelling at each other.

AceShowbiz - It's only a few episodes into the new season of "Celebrity Big Brother", but that doesn't mean it's too soon for a fight between the cast members. According to a new video, Cynthia Bailey and fellow houseguest Todd Bridges got into a verbal spar in which they dropped the F-bomb to each other.

Their fight wasn't captured on camera, but an audio recording offered an insight into the heated argument. "F**k that, f**k you, period," the "Different Strokes" icon yelled at Cynthia. The former "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star then was heard firing back, "F**k you!"

As some other houseguests tried to calm him down, Todd revealed that he got fired up because the reality TV star "wanna start that gangster s**t. She don't know who the f**k she f**kin' with." He added, "She's the one that started it. I was sitting down, she kept coming back and coming back. She tried to slit my throat in the beginning."

Cynthia, meanwhile, admitted to Carson Kressley that she felt disappointed by how things went between her and Todd. "That is so disappointing because I really really really felt like I was building a relationship with him, a friendship. And I was rooting for him and I really want the best for him," the model shared.

When Carson noted that the others were having a meeting, probably about wanting to vote Cynthia out, the latter said, "Fine!" It was said that the fight had something to do with votes in the game.

Cynthia's husband Mike Hill, in the meantime, took to his Twitter account to weigh in on the matter. "This dude don't lost his mf'ing mind!!!" Mike tweeted.

The fight seemingly piqued people's interest in the current season of the "Big Brother" spin-off series. "Oh not that gangster s**t… now let me watch this season," one person wrote in an Instagram comment. "Ok I'm watching," another user echoed the sentiment.

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