Saweetie Appears to Respond to Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves' Rumored Reconciliation
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After claiming she knew her baby daddy took the 'Icy Grl' raptress on a shopping spree, the model/entrepreneur shares a video of her cozying up to the rapper

AceShowbiz - Saweetie has found herself in a supposed love triangle involving her, Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves. The "Icy Grl" raptress has sparked a debate about whether or not she responded to the rapper and his baby mama's reconciliation rumors after sharing some eyebrow-raising posts.

In one of her latest Instagram Stories, Saweetie posted a picture of someone flashing her middle finger. She additionally reposted DJ Miss Milan's video in which she said, "Send him back to the street! Send him back!" with the caption that read, "Return to senderrrrr @saweetie."

Some people later clowned Saweetie over her supposed response to Baby and Jadya's alleged reconciliation. Ooh girl. "He was never yours to be sent back to the streets," one person mocked the "My Type" raptress.

"Next time get your shopping spree and don't post him lol get played in private," another told the 28-year-old femcee. A third claimed, "baby he already belonged there," while someone else echoed the sentiment as saying, "I kinda think he went back where he should have stayed and left her in the streets."

Someone else, however, thought that the haters were reaching. "Umm y'all Jayda posted that tiktok 45 minutes ago saweetie story was 2 hrs ago," one noted. Another simply said, "They reaching." One other person argued, "Saweetie always stick up her middle finger … but today it's a problem girl nobody gaf about Jayda & lil baby."

"Not only that Saweetie reposted it 3 hours ago! Also ppl wanna play dumb like she doesn't ALWAYS have her [middle finger] up in damn near all her pics smh. It's giving ppl are hella bored today…," someone similarly said.

Another thought that Saweetie wasn't crying over the end of her fling with Baby as saying, "Don't understand why people are talking about Saweetie. Saweetie probably had her fun with him and moved on. Baby ain't a prize at all, he doesn't even respect Jayda." Another agreed and wrote, "Wait not y'all thinking Saweetie out here worried bout Jayda & Lil Baby, y'all crazy."

Saweetie's cryptic posts arrived around the same time Jayda posted a video of her cozying up to Baby. In the TikTok clip, the model/entrepreneur clung onto the "Drip Too Hard" rhymer before the two showed some choreographed moves.

Prior to this, Saweetie and Baby were rumored to be romantically linked after he allegedly spent nearly $100,000 on her in the Chanel store in New York back in November 2021. While the "Best Friend" raptress fueled the rumors, the Atlanta native denied it. Jadya, meanwhile, seemingly confirmed it as she claimed she knew it before the news broke on the Internet.

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