The tense trailer teases the dynamic between Robert Pattinson's titular superhero and Zoe Kravitz's character as well as more action scenes in the upcoming movie.

AceShowbiz - Warner Bros. Pictures has unleashed another trailer for its highly-anticipated movie in 2022, "The Batman". Titled "The Bat and The Cat", the new sneak peek focuses on the dynamic between the titular character and the cat burglar.

"A new friend of yours?" Andy Serkis' Alfred Pennyworth asks Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne a.k.a. the Batman himself as the superhero and Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz) are seen fighting. "I'm not sure," Bruce responds.

Seemingly aware of his agenda, an unmasked Catwoman a.k.a. Selina Kyle tells Batman, "If we don't stand up, no one will." Things get complicated as sparks fly between the two. "I have a thing about strays," she says in another part of the video, before they are seen standing close to each other.

Selina seems to challenge Batman as she says in another scene, "Come on, vengeance. Let's get into some trouble." Meanwhile, Batman is more timid, warning her, "Selina, don't throw your life away." She, however, ignores his warning as saying, "Don't worry, honey. I got nine of 'em," while the two are seen joining forces.

Meanwhile, Alfred appears to be hiding a secret from Bruce, who confronts the butler after he learns the truth. "All these years you lied to me, Alfred," he tells his confidant.

The trailer also sees Riddler (Paul Dano) giving Batman a question to solve. The villain, who seemingly knows the Caped Crusader's true identity, says, "I'm just here to unmask the truth about this cesspool we call a city. You're part of this, too."

Directed by Matt Reeves from a screenplay by Reeves and Peter Craig, "The Batman" also stars Jeffrey Wright as Jim Gordon, John Turturro as a Gotham crime lord, and Peter Sarsgaard as Gotham D.A. Gil Colson. It is set to open in theaters nationwide on March 4, 2022.

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