Boosie Defends R. Kelly After Guilty Verdict, Says Sexual Abuse Allegations Were Exaggerated
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The 'Nasty, Nasty' emcee doesn't believe the heinous allegations against the 'I Believe I Can Fly' hitmaker, believing that the singer only messed up by liking younger women.

AceShowbiz - Boosie Badazz (previously known as Lil Boosie) has shared his thoughts on R. Kelly being found guilty on all charges in his trial. Sitting down for an interview on VladTV, the rapper said he doesn't believe all the allegations against the singer, claiming they were exaggerated.

When first touching on the subject, DJ Vlad played a clip of former teen gang leader Charleston White on the show, during which he also defended the disgraced singer. "He was already convicted in the court of public opinion," the motivational speaker said of Kelly. "He was already convicted in public media."

Agreeing, Boosie said, "When you black and you go back for the same jack and you got rats…" He added, "You can't go back in front of them people bruh."

The 39-year-old then elaborated, "If you live a b***h at the house and you go on a tour for two weeks and she don't go nowhere that ain't can be kidnapping. She waiting on daddy to come home. That b***h ain't been kidnapped."

"B***h ain't been sexualized. She hasn't been taken advantage of, because she is willing. He just f**ked up on the age part," the Baton Rogue native insisted. "The rest of the s**t, they exaggerated it."

This isn't the first time Boosie has defended Kelly. "When people put a black cloud over your head, that mother**ker hard to go," he said in an August 2018 interview with DJ Vlad. "When they tell me they're gonna take his [R. Kelly] music [off Spotify] I got mad. I got in my feelings. [...] You're going too far, man." He was adamant that Kelly was innocent and the accusations wre false, simply yelling, "Them h*es mad. Why you ain't say this in the '70s or the '80s?"

Kelly was found guilty on nine counts including racketeering, sexual exploitation of a child, kidnapping, bribery, sex trafficking and a violation of the Mann Act in August this year. He remains in custody pending sentencing, which is set for May 4, 2022.

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