A female tech executive claims she was sexually assaulted by the 'Sex and the City' star at 18 years old when she was working as a hostess and longue singer at a restaurant in Midtown Manhattan.

AceShowbiz - A third woman has come forward as an alleged victim of Chris Noth's sexual assault. A 30-year-old woman, who goes by the alias Ava to protect her privacy, claims she was sexually assaulted by the actor in October 2010. She was 18 years old at the time.

Based on her account, as reported by The Daily Beast, Ava was working as a hostess and lounge singer at the Midtown Manhattan restaurant Da Marino when she met Chris, whom she says always came intoxicated. One day while at work, the "Sex and the City" star allegedly came to the restaurant and wanted to sing with her.

They played characters in their song duets and she remembers him saying, "I love Canadian women," as he repeatedly pulled her onto his lap while groping her and "pressing me onto his erection." She says it confused her at the time because, on some level, it was exciting. "I remember how electrifying his hand, the hand I watched hold Carrie Bradshaw in 'Sex and the City', felt grabbing me," she recounts.

At the end of her shift, around 1 A.M., Ava went to the office, which was accessible by way of the kitchen, to grab her pay. When she went to get her money, the lights "shut off behind her" and Chris allegedly made his way into the office. She describes him as "sloppy," "heavy" and "strong" at the time.

Ava says Chris began kissing her and pressed her body against a desk, despite her allegedly saying "no." She claims the Mr. Big depicter pulled her tights to "digitally penetrate her" so much, she alleges he "felt her tampon." She recalls, "I was so hopeful that would be the end of it," but Chris allegedly asked if she was at the end of her period and continued to grope her.

She was able to slid into an office chair to create more distance between them and pressed her arms and legs against his body to push him away. She says her "limbs hurt in the morning" from her multiple attempts to push him away.

"He wasn't hearing 'no,' but he heard me when I said 'not here' and convinced him that I would meet him somewhere else," Ava says. Apparently the idea of relocating to his home caused Chris to stop and gave her the opportunity to escape the office and his grasp.

Ava says Chris offered to send a car for her to his apartment. After Chris left the restaurant, he allegedly texted her from his home, asking for her address, but she never replied.

The following day, Ava told her parents, who were friends with owners of Da Marino, of her experience with Chris. She says the owner did not believe her story, thinking that Chris "would never be interested in someone as insignificant as me." She says she "never went back" to the restaurant.

Previously, two women detailed their experience of sexual assault at the hands of Chris in an article published by The Hollywood Reporter. One of the woman said she was assaulted at his apartment in West Hollywood in 2004 and the other at his Greenwich Village home in 2015.

Chris later denied the accusations, insisting that their "sexual encounters" were all consensual. Meanwhile, actress Zoe Lister-Jones accused him of being "drunk" and "sexually inappropriate" while on the set of "Law & Order". She additionally called him a "predator" in an Instagram post.

Chris' wife Tara Wilson is understandably "upset" after the reports surfaced. "He may be non-monogamous, we have established that his wife didn't know," a friend of the star tells The Sun. "If anything, he is guilty of that. She is in LA and is very upset… she's not doing well. They planned to spend Christmas together but that is now unknown."

Believing that the 67-year-old is not guilty, the friend adds, "There are two sides to every story and people need to know this before they judge. The Chris I've met is not the Chris that's being described by these women."

"All his friends are sticking by him," the supposed longtime friend claims, "He is a flirt, but not a sleaze. He's no Weinstein. I believe him and I believe it didn't go down the way it's allegedly portrayed."

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