When announcing the 2022 Golden Globe nominations, the 'Drop It Like It's Hot' spitter also mispronounces names of 'Dune' director Denis Villeneuve and 'Belfast' star Ciaran Hinds.

AceShowbiz - Snoop Dogg stole the moment while announcing the 2022 Golden Globe nominations. Although he mispronounced several names of the nominees, the "Young, Wild & Free" hitmaker only apologized to actor Ben Affleck.

Snoop read off the list of nominees during a Monday, December 13 live stream. When mentioning that Ben received a nomination in Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in any Motion Picture category for his role in "The Tender Bar", the rapper said, "Been Aff-fleck."

Realizing his mistake, the 50-year-old hip-hop star was quick to correct himself. "Ben Affleck, my fault," he said, before issuing his apology, "Sorry about that Ben," while laughing it off.

Ben's was not the only name that Snoop mispronounced. When mentioning "Dune" director Denis Villeneuve's last name, he pronounced it as if it was Spanish, saying "Villanueva" instead of using the French Canadian accent.

The "Drop It Like It's Hot" spitter also struggled to pronounce "Belfast" star Ciaran Hinds' name. Instead of pronouncing "Kee-run," he called the Irish actor "Ca-ron." He said, "Ca-ron, no, Karen Hinds... Work with me here."

Many on Twitter have since poked fun at Snoop for the hilarious moments. "Congrats to Ben Affleck(or how to Snoop Dogg like to call him 'Been Afflack') for his Golden Globe nomination," one person sarcastically tweeted, while another added, "Sorry, the Golden Globes barely exist this year, but Snoop Dogg reading the nominations is pure comedy. Dennis Villenueva is my new favorite director."

The trolling did not stop there. More came forward with a different user writing, "Snoop Dogg painstakingly mispronouncing the name of every nominee at the #GoldenGlobes, even Ben Affleck, is verging on performance art." Someone else then chimed in, "Losing my mind over Snoop Dogg mispronouncing nearly every name on the list, but only stopping to apologize to Ben Affleck."

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